Wrestling Friday / January 4

WWF Smackdown, live last night from Washington, D.C. : WWF Tag champions The Dudley Boyz, with Stacy, d Spike/ Tazz...Vince Mc Mahon, Booker T & The Bossman attack Steve Austin..Jazz d Mighty Molly...WWF Hardcore champion 'Taker d The Big Show...Kurt Angle/ WWF champion Chris Jericho d IC champion Edge/ Rob Van Dam...Test d Tajiri, with Torrie... ME: #1 Contender match, with the winner to face Jericho @ the Royal Rumble : The Rock d Booker T. During the match, Ric Flair attacks Vince Mc Mahon, who is @ ringside aiding Booker T. Also, Steve Austin returns to get vengeance on Booker & Bossman. The show ends with Austin & The Rock lying in the ring and Booker & Bossman staring @ them from the rampway.

Wrestling Thursday / January 3
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