WWE Smackdown, broadcast live last night on UPN from Albuquerque, N.M......Michael Cole and Tazz are at ringside; Tony Chimel is the ring announcer...John Cena comes into the arena, rapping with B2. Cena d Rikishi... Dawn Marie teases that she will marry Al tonight in the nude... Bill DeMott d Chuck Palumbo... Kidman d Eddie Guerrero. Cena and B2 get involved in the match; Rikishi attacks B2. Cena helps Kidman to get the win over Guerrero... The much-anticipated wedding angle with Al Wilson and Dawn Marie airs. Dawn strips to bra, panties and stockings. She strips Al to his underwear. The two are wed... Chris Benoit/ Edge d Team Angle via DQ... Paul Heyman and The Big Show challenge Brock Lesnar to a match @ WWE Royal Rumble, where the winner advances to the Rumble match, with the loser out of the competition. Lesnar, we are told, accepts... Nunzio, with Jamie Noble and Nidia, d Crash... ME: Brock Lesnar d Matt Hardy, with Shannon Moore... Lesnar and Big Show have a stare-down to end the show.

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