Rob's Wrestling Daily / Fri Jan 26

8:00 PM ET UPDATE....... "The WWF has stated consistently that the suggestion that wrestling had anything to do with Lionel Tate's murderous acts was a contrived hoax." So says WWF attorney Jarry Mc Devitt.......Stacy Keibler, aka Miss Hancock, is doing interviews this Sun for Baltimore radio during the Superbowl.....3,000 tickets remain for Wrestlemania X-7 in is up and running.....Major Gunnz in Toronto for autographs tomorrow @ the Int'l Auto Show..... WCW gate for Winston-Salem Nitro was 5,000 for $36,690...Columbia, S.C. the night before drew 1,500 for $22,295..... Justin Credible has signed with the WWF for 3 years @ a six-figure salary. He will use the Justin Credible persona..... WWF Smackdown did a strong 4.9 last night..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... Introducing Tylene Buck, aka WCW's Major Gunnz.... Radio's Opie and Anthony will appear on XFL telecast pre-game shows in the NY market on WNBC, ch 4.....The XFL broadcast teams for NBC, TNN and UPN include Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Jonathan Coachman and Brian Bosworth..... The St Paul Pioneer Press plans a weekly cartoon, "VenturaLand," spoofing Gov Jesse.

Thursday January 25
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