Rob's Wrestling Daily / Fri Jan 19

6:00 PM ET UPDATE...... WWF Smackdown hit a 6.1 rating, 36 % above Fox's Scream 2 last night.... Top 15 Cable ratings according to Neilsen research has the WWF in the two top spots, while WCW fails to make the list..... Morality in Media has attacked the WWF Smackdown Your Vote campaign..... a coroner ruled yesterday that "Yokozuna" died of natural causes.... Bobby Eaton has signed on with the WWF as a trainer in Memphis..... TSN Network in Canada censored the film of Sid's injury..... Stephanie Mc Mahon, on the Opie and Anthony radio show, hints that the Big Show is NOT rejoininig the WWF..... First day ticket sales for the Feb 25 WWF No Way Out ppv in Las Vegas hit 5,300....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... Today's Babe Site: Melissa Bellin . Com.... Smackdown Your Vote and the WWFE Inc have a press conference scheduled for today @ 2 PM ET..... A new book, "The Buzz on Pro Wrestling," is due out in early Feb....Steve Austin is booked for The Tonight Show on Fri night, Feb 2.....The Council for Mental Health has filed a complaint with the XFL over the francise name of its Memphis team, the Maniax.

Thursday January 18
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