Rob's Wrestling Daily / Fri Jan 12

6:00 PM ET UPDATE.... ECW did not produce a TV show for the second straight week. Paul E, strangely enough, is sending a camera crew to Poplar Bluff, Mo tonight. The company has three dates on the books, and the future looks bleak.... Tazz appeared on Craig Kilborn last night. He was in character for the majority of the interview, mentioning his son and his action figure..... Variey reports that Fusient intends to sit down with Vince Mc Mahon and propose cross-over ppvs featuring the top stars of both promotions. The general feeling is that any bad blood that existed between Mc Mahon and Turner should not be a factor..... WWF Smackdown last night bounced back to post a 4.87.... Francine's dress from ECW's Guilty As Charged is up for auction on Multichannel News has placed the Fusient-TW deal at $ 75 million..... A New York Times story today calls WCW a liabilty which Time-Warner had to divest itself of..... Larry Zbyskzo and Bob Backlund have signed for a series of deals with Heritage Pro Wrestling. Zbyskzo debuts in Williamston, N.C. on Feb 3 ; Backlund debuts in Elizabeth City, N.C. on March 10......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... You can catch the WWF Divas in the Caribbean this month on ppv, and check our their website here... In breaking news last night, the FCC has approved the $ 106 billion marriage between Time Warnr and AOL.....Eric Bischoff, on the 'net's WCW Live last night, said that WCW will not shut down completely,but may not air TV for a week or two while undergoing some sort of restructuring. He sees the Cruiserweight division, Sting, Goldberg and TGGOAW (HOG-an) in the future of what many are already terming "The New WCW."

Thursday January 11
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