Rob's Wrestling Daily / Fri Feb 9

5:00 PM ET UPDATE...... The Rock guests on Jay Leno tonight..... WWF Smackdown scored a 5.5 overnight metered rating, giving UPN a fifth place finish overall. Friends and Survivor still rule Thu night TV.... The official gate for Ohio Valley's Christmas Chaos, held on Jan 31, was $72,124..... Turnbuckle Ch Wrestling tapes for TV in Carrollton, Ga on Feb 18.... The Washington Post is reporting that The Rock will join Jim Ross & Jesse Ventura in the broadcast booth for the XFL's Enforcers-Extreme game..... Shawn Michaels has signed a contract extension with the WWF..... Debuting on Mon Nitro are AJ Styles & Air Paris from NWA Wildside....... Ken Spence's World Wrestling Promotion returns to the training center on Glenn Ave in Winston-Salem for an evening of action next Sat, Feb 17....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... Everyone Loves Lita...... Christian York and Joey Matthews take on Bad Attitude for NWA Wildside on Feb 17 in Cornelia, Ga.... Gangrel is still under WWF contract and will return soon.... Look for Chris Benoit to break away from the Radicals and into the WWF Title contention.... WWFE Inc-3Q01 conference call is set for Feb 15 @ 11 AM ET..... The WWF is blaming a ten percent stock drop on persons cashing in for a small profit. WWFE posted losses immediately following the debut of the XFL.

Thursday February 8
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