Rob's Wrestling / Fri Dec 8

7:00 PM ET UPDATE.... Brad Siegel announced today that WCW is for sale, no deal has been made, and that a serious offer is on the table. He did not elaborate..... The Rock has invested in a NASCAR Winston Cup Racing team.....Midajah and Stacy Keibler shoot scenes for Disney's "Bubble Boy" on Dec 20 in L.A. The two portray mud wrestlers..... The Miami Herald features a puff piece on the rise of the WWF.....WWF Smackdown earned a 5.9 in the overnight ratings.....Rob Van Dam has filed for a breach of contract against ECW, making him eligible to work elsewhere. Van Dam admits to staying with ECW mainly to chase past due checks.....Howard Stern's Jan 12 birthday bash will be attended by Trish, Chyna, Terri, Tori and Lita.....Mark Madden "suspended" by WCW for one week due to his comments re.: D D Page......Dawn Marie in Hackensack, NJ on Jan 16 and in West Orange, NJ on Jan 21....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE......... baby, oh baby, it's Baby !!!..... Brad Seigel's meeting with the department heads is scheduled for later this morning @ WCW headquarters. Insiders have Eric Bischoff and a group of investors ready to take control..... NWA Florida returns to Tampa this Tuesday, Dec 12 with Sabu in the ME.....Dusty Rhodes and Ricky Morton in on Jan 20 in Washington, N.C. for NWA Mid-Atlantic....WCW Nitro will be taped next Mon night for airing on Tues night on TNT...The XFL kicks off on Feb 3 on NBC and UPN..... General Rection USA . Com is up...... Sabu has officially received his release from ECW.

Thursday December 7
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