Rob's Wrestling Daily / Fri Dec 29

8:00 PM ET UPDATE........ Stephanie and her brother Shane are scripting more and more of the WWF TV shows these days, as daddy Vince is busy preparing for the debut of the XFL.....A Divas issue of WWF Raw magazine will be published next year featuring 100 pages of pictures.....Lillian Garcia has new pix up on her site, Lillian, from Paris, Europe and Switzerland.....Francine is tending bar and the Sandman owns one as the ECW stars have had to begin taking second jobs.....Useless info department: 1 ratings point = 1,000,000 households.....Smackdown posted its lowest rating ever last night on UPN, with a 3.8.....Insiders are saying that there is more to the ratings drop in the WWF than merely the holiday season, and are looking closely @ the next week or so when WCW is back on the air..... Boston Globe for today has a feature on Vince, and suggests that he be named Man of the Year....Chris Candido and Tammmy Sytch have signed a one-year deal with New Japan Wrestling, scheduled to begin in March according to their webmaster........ 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Pro Wrestling's Candie....The Best Moments of WWF 2000 air this Sun night on MTV in the Heat time slot.....Internet RUMORS have The Rock signed to portray The Beast in the upcoming film, "X-Men 2."

Thursday December 28
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