Rob's Wrestling Daily / Fri Dec 22

7:00 PM ET UPDATE....... The Bodyslam Board has been added; feel free to use it as a forum for discussion.... Eric Bischoff was in Atlanta for the past few days, fueling speculation that he may finalize a purchasing deal. Eric has now left to fly home, and any deals will more than likely be done after the first of the new year..... WWF Smackdown from Charlotte scored a 4.5 for UPN last night, placing the network in fifth place.... Matt Hardy is working with an injured collarbone, according to the WWF's Jim Ross... "Chyna...If They Only Knew," hits the bookstores on Jan autographing tour follows.... Lita sees a specialist on Jan 3 about a bulging disc in her back..... WCW Nitro/Thunder tapes tonight in Memphis, WWF Raw tapes tonight in Chattanooga, and WWF Smackdown tapes tomorrow night in Nashville.... And ECW returns to the Home of Extreme in South Philly tomorrow night...... 2:00 PM ET UPDATE.... Wrestling Bodyslam now offers the Pollster, where your opinion counts. Don't forget to vote for the Promotion of The Year, and check back for a new question every week....You can preview the cover of WWF: The Music Vol 5 at The CD will be in stores on Feb 6..... has been relaunched..... Chyna will appear on WWF Raw this Mon night with a WORKED interview detailing her "injuries."... WCW has issued a memo prohibiting the performers from working with indies. Truthfully, WCW categorizes the wrestlers as independent contractors, making them eligible to work for anyone on their own time..... D D Page has cancelled all public appearances....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........ Pro Wrestling presents Lillian Garcia.... Road Dogg showed up for the TV tapings on Monday night and was sent home because, according to sources, he was in no condition to perform. 1 Wrestling is reporting that he has had problems with drugs in the past, and that his old demons may have come back to haunt him..... Steve Austin vs Kane on WWF Raw this Mon night..... Chris Jericho to perform in the upcoming Jan 7 SuperSkate 2001 @ MSG in NYC..... Glacier returns to WCW in Jan, but we may not recognize him..... WCW Thunder did its average of 1.9 this past Wed night..... D D Page cancelled his scheduled Yahoo !! chat session...I think I can figure out why...It will not be rescheduled.... ECW's Joel Gertner is tossing aside his neckbrace to compete for Team Toyota on the World Racing Extreme Consumer Car Circuit..... Bobby Heenan, yesterday afternoon on Indy radio, said that he is through with pro wrestling, and that, at WCW "nobody's driving the bus."

Thursday December 21
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