Rob's Wrestling / Fri Dec 1

8:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Chyna recently spent some hotel time with NSYNC's Joey Fatone after drinks and conversation.....Scott Steiner either has tremendous lower back pain, or none @ all, depending upon which source you believe. Mine tells me that Steiner is obsessive about his physique, and has no such pain.....Goldberg signed his book yesterday in Plano and Hurst, Tex.....Rena Mero rumored to be heading back to the WWF.....Entertainment Weekly reoports that Goldberg is in the running for the lead heel role in the upcoming "Incredible Hulk" movie.....WWF Smackdown last night did a 5.7, placing UPN in fourth place..... Golderg has an unconfirmed torn rotator cuff and could be facing future surgery..... The Rock hosts WWF Heat this Sun..... The WWF has moved the No Way Out ppv to Las Vegas..... Exclusive coverage of the WWF UK ppv can be found here tomorrow afternoon....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... A Kristi Myst Gallery..... The Horizon Awards have named Vince McMahon the Sports Business Executive of The Year..... The Dynamite Kid, Tom Billington, now confined to a wheelchair, will attend the WWF UK ppv tomorrow.....The U.K.'s Rebellion will be shown in the states, but only @ WWF NY, tomorrow beginning @ 2 PM ET.....WCW Thunder up this week to 2.4 from 1.9..... The Atlanta Journal-Constitution confirms that Turner is looking to unload WCW, which has seen a drop in business and ratings of 40% over the past year..... The WWF wants Torrie Wilson ( who doesn't..:) ), but not at her asking price. Torrie was let go by WCW in a move said by some to be a freeing up of $$$ as a lure to the ECW talent. Meanwhile, the ratings for ECW continue to slide, and no national tv outlet is in sight...... Many WCW guys are working night-to-night for a flat rate in the latest round of restructuring contracts..... Buff Bagwell pitched another of his fits this past Tue night @ the Thunder taping. Bagwell will be free to go to the WWF in March..... "Beyond The Mat" will be released on videotape this Mon.....Goldberg has sent feelers to the WWF.

Thursday November 30
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