Wrestling Friday / August 24

WWF Smackdown last night, live from Denver : Michael Cole & Tazz at ringside.... WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam goes to a No Contest with Jeff Hardy, when Hardy injures himself and the match is stopped.... WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam d Raven.... Steve Austin berates Van Dam & Raven, as members of the Alliance, for fighting each other.... Chris Jericho challenges Austin.... The Big Show/ Billy Gunn d The Dudley Boyz.... Kurt Angle d WCW US champion Kanyon in a non-title bout.... Booker T/ Rhyno/ Test d APA / Rock.... Cutaway to WWF Lightweight & WCW Cruiserweight champion X-Pac @ WWFNY.... WWF/WCW Tag champions Kane/'Taker d Edge/ Christian.... Ivory d Lita.... ME: WWF Title : champion Steve Austin d Chris Jericho.

Wrestling Thursday / August 23
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