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Sunday afternoon, August 18, 2002..... The first two weeks of classes have passed by, and the beginning has been a very good one. I have a room inside the building this year, on the English hall, F-43, away from the mobile units. My classes are smaller, with a total of 30 or so students over 3 classes. It's my second year at North Rowan in the EC department, which has grown to 11 teachers and 4 assistants... It has been six weeks since I drove the Honda home, and it now has around 430 miles on it. I'm driving the Thunderbird to and from work, saving the miles on the Accord... A few personal notes: To Barry: tapes hold up well in storage; you may want to find some plastic boxes, which will help to keep the elements out of the tape... To Anne: I think about you and Floyd often; hope you are doing well... Shouts out to my friend Penny at Carolina Tans, and to Mike at UNC Asheville.. To Laura: Yesterday, today and tomorrow, the feelings are the same... To Angie in Germany: Congratulations on the marriage; stay in touch... I'm walking two miles each night, in addition to those I log during the day. Thank you for being with me here at David Roberson .Com.

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