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Sunday September 3 ............ 11:00 PM ET UPDATE: Skandor Akbar, one of the all-time great heels, is profiled in today's Dallas Morning News. Gen. Akbar recalls the days of the Von Erichs and World Class Championship Wrestling..... WCW has cancelled the upcoming Perth, Australia, house show due to poor advance. High ticket prices are being blamed for the slow sales.......September's Audio Media has a profile on WWF production......... 1:00 PM ET UPDATE: Trish Stratus and Chris Jericho will head to the UK to promote the WWF's Dec 2 London satellite show...... special pic set of Jasmin up @ Cincinatti Reds 1st baseman Sean Casey stopped by the WCW Power Plant this past Thursday to see his friend Paul Orndorff...... look for Kurt Angle to face The Rock for the WWF title @ No Mercy in October..... the announcer's table from WWF Backlash, pieces autographed by HHH and The Rock, up for sale @ Hall has received his medical clearance.....A & E Bio features Chyna, 'Taker, and Kurt Angle soon..... last week marked the 90th straight week for WWF Raw over WCW Nitro on Mon nights.....Mike Mooneyham, in today's column, says that WCW is a vicim of its own success......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE: ECW will be on the USA Network this fall. USA is delaying an announcement pending a ruling on the appeal in the WWF matter. ECW will air Saturday nights from 11 PM to 1 AM ET....... The Harris Brothers have filmed an episode of the Maury Povich show....... XFL clothing in the stores just in time for Christmas...... Gary Capetta, former ring announcer for WCW, and Missy Hyatt are writing books, due out this fall. Unlike the books by Gordon Solie and Mick Foley, who were protective of the sport, these books have the players in the game nervous.

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