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Thursday Evening, May 2, 2002 ...... Fourteen school days or so to go... graduation on Sat the 25th... summer begins for me on the 29th... so do classes... yep, Garf, I've heard of Feechie. I've never seen him wrestle, but I'm familiar with the Italian Hitman gimmick... Barry : Good to hear from you... you're really not missing anything ; don't you or Kevin read any more into the journal entries than what is there... it seems to me that anyone who marries for any reason other than knowing that you are in love is making a major mistake... marrying out of obligation or an ideal or belief is wrong...'nuff said... more and more people are discovering from all over the country... and that's a good thing... So many times in my job, I wish someone - anyone - would occasionally hint that I'm doing a good job. It certainly would elevate the patience meter, which tends to wear a bit in the last days... No idea if I'll be back with the EC program this fall or with an English/ Theatre combination. I've asked for English/ Theatre... North Rowan prom is this Sat in Salisbury... As with the graduation, the opportunity to attend is optional - I'm not used to that - it's usually what hour I give up to chaperone and what my station is... best wishes to the folks at East Forsyth and at South Rowan for a good end to the year... to Tiffany in Toronto - thanks... I don't know about your part of the world, but mine is so full of pollen and so void of rain... the last month has been filled with scratchy throat, watery eyes, and that yellow stuff which clings to every tree in our yard.... I hear the beach calling... the surf, the sand, the feel, the expanse of the ocean at twilight... that is a must, somehow, this summer... some of you have asked : Rob lives in Walkertown, which is about 4 hours from the mountains of NC or the coast of NC/SC... 5 minutes from Kernersville... 10 minutes from Winston-Salem... 20 minutes from Greensboro... an hour and a half North of Charlotte... 2 hours South of Roanoke... did you know that there are people who end every spoken sentence with "yo?"... "She is so bad, yo.." "I told my momma I ain't dealin' with any of that ---, yo.." "it's probably in my head, yo.." You get the idea, yo... Rob's looking for love. If you're somewhere out there and interested, let me know... working on my tan...summer's gotta get here soon... Carolina heys to Hollie... Farrah... Ron J...Simba... MBowers4Reel...Anne...Laura... and, to you. Thank you for being with me at David Roberson . Com.

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