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Thursday April 4, 2002 .... Spring Break. Just enough time to think towards summer, only to be taken away too soon. Today was the first day back at North Rowan after six days away. During my time off, I ventured back to East Forsyth, down towards Wilmington and spent a day shopping in Hanes Mall. The most important part of my break was my afternoon at East. I discovered that I have several friends, former colleagues and more support than I originally thought. The theatre, er... drama, department is presenting The Complete Works of Wm Shakespeare, Unabridged, next weekend, and I hope to be able to attend. In Wilmington, I saw the beach again. A renewal and a promise that the sea is there, calling, and only a few hours away....With only 34 days of school left until Graduation on May 25, the days of summer are just around the corner.

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