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Tuesday Evening, March 26, 2002 ..... William Shakespeare said To thine own self be true. The rock group Player, in the hit song Baby Come Back, put it this way : Be true to yourself. This entry is personal and gives a shout out to a very special young lady...... The past fifteen years of my life have been different because you have been in it. Eighteen years ago, I saw tears streaming down your face and hugged you, the image and feeling of which remain with me to this day, and will for the rest of my life. We have caused each other to think about love in a way unique to us. My life has always been better whenever you are in it. During the times when you aren't, there is always an underlying knowledge that there will be another time for us. My feelings for you have transcended loneliness, isolation, doubt and yearning. Beyond the attraction, the physical, even the emotional, is the inner, heart-felt understanding of what it is to care for each other. We have shared movies, music, walks, a night (or two) under the stars, an endless rope chain, and countless kisses, along with hours of frustration and confusion. In happiness and even in the death of a relative, we have shared life. And knowledge. There isn't a night which goes by nor a morning which dawns when I don't stop to think that you and I are sheltered under the same sky. All of the words that I have written to you over the years reflect the same message : you have affected my life in a way which no one else has. People come and go in our lives. The effects they have on us stays with us and ultimately makes us stronger. Melanie Griffith, in the movie Milk Money, says that there is a place where you can touch a woman which will drive her crazy : her heart. If I have done nothing else, I have painted a picture in your heart. I've also probably driven you crazy, once or twice. Tonight, as you lie down, to what I hope are peaceful dreams, know in your heart that you are very much in mine. Being true to myself, I know that if I never had the opportunity to see you again, I would care for you just as much as I do now.

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