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Sunday afternoon, February 24, 2002.... I am sometimes left to wonder what my life would be like if I took more chances. In this world of hawks and doves, I am a dove. I've never believed in being the teacher who is a bastard, although I'm certain that, someone, somewhere, truly believes that I am. And I've never been one to screw with someone else's life, psychlogically or otherwise. It has never seemed quite fair to me to deliberately be dishonest or deceptive. I'm the guy who pulled into the Mc Donald's drive-thru yesterday, found no one at the pay window, got my food, and went inside to pay for the order, instead of driving away. I don't date just to be dating. Sex is for someone that I love. And I am reserved for someone who deserves me. And that cuts the opportunities considerably. Saturday nights watching wrestling on the internet and Sunday afternoons grading papers aren't my ideal weekend, but neither is waking up with regrets. Hey, this is the way that I have chosen to live. And the price I've paid for it? Not as expensive as it would have been otherwise. I love meeting new people, going out to eat, seeing a movie, a sporting event and sharing ideas. With the right lady, I can be very romantic and caring. I know what love is and how to give love. These days, it's easier for me to see through the pretension and to stay away from the games. And to be thankful for my life, and to live it to the fullest, day to day.

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