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Friday September 1 .......... 7:00 PM ET UPDATE: One week after the edit button disappeared from the XOOM site, this afternoon it reappeared. I've been integrating the two sites into this one at Angelfire. On to the wrestling........ WWF Smackdown rating from last night shows a 5.0, leading UPN to a third-place finish behind ABC & NBC....... Goldberg, in the U.K. on tour, appeared on Channel 4's Big Breakfast show this morning. He said that turning pro wrestler was a necessity....seems he likes to eat....... Edge appeared on ABC's The View this morning. He referred to his fiance, Val Venis' sister...... Madusa on MSNBC today, appearing after Pres Clinton's speech. She said that WCW is interested in briniging in the Survivor women, training them, and placing them in an upcoming satellite show....... Jim Ross says that we will see HHH vs Kurt Angle ME WWF Unforgiven on Sep 24....... Chyna's Playboy layout will hit the stands at the end of the month....... Regulators of business practice the European Commission has voiced opposition to the proposed TW-AOL merger....... Mick Foley's Have A Nice Day comes in paperback Oct 3.

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