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Friday Evening, January 25, 2002....... A parent meeting on Tues afternoon. Two hours of homework Tues night. A parent meeting on Wed afternoon. Another two hours of homework on Wed night, completing paperwork. A meeting to deterine student placement on Thur afternoon. More homework on Thur night. Planning for English 1, English 2 and English 3 daily during first period planning, from 7:30 until 9:00. An observation as I teach by school personnel Thur afternoon. A summative post-observation meeting this morning. All within a four-day week....... One year ago, I sat in an assistant principal's office at East Forsyth High in a post-observation meeting and was asked what rubric I used to determine the difference between assigning an A and a B. I was given the implication that my previous fifteen years of experience in Rowan County meant nothing to the administration. The emphasis during my observations was on my performance, not on the performance or success of my students......... Forward to this morning, one year later. A post-observation meeting in the offices of North Rowan High. An offer of a cup of hot cider. A discussion about the positives of my students and the lesson which was observed. A comment by the observer of appreciation for a class well-conducted......... This is my eighteenth year in teaching. I'm proud to teach in Rowan County, and I am appreciative of the opportunity to do so. Now, one year removed, I humbly say to the Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County system that their loss is Rowan's gain.

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