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Monday, January 21, 2002..... Random thoughts: After not hearing from WSSU after turning in the paperwork, and $30, I paid a visit to the Admissions office last week to find that my application had gotten lost in a paper shuffle. I left the offices a student at WSSU, but with a decision to make. Rather than enter class late, it looks as if I will be doing 3 hours, or possibly 6, this summer.... Casey's Top 40 yesterday was from 1988. The # 4 song of the week was by Tiffany, Could've Been. We'll shout that one out to Dawn... No Charlotte Observer delivery to Winston-Salem yesterday, so, I tripped down to Salisbury for the afternoon. It had been awhile since I had been to Salisbury Mall, and I managed to see a couple of faces from the past there. I found a copy of The Observer, grabbed a late lunch, and swung back through Sunset Drive on my way home... Several new visitors to David Roberson .Com and Wrestling Bodyslam . Com as of late. Welcome aboard.... I've decided to kick out the away message from my AOL Instant Messenger. I'm online long enough to upate my wrestling site, to check Hotmail or to update the journal. It's very rare, if ever, that I log on to chat. It seems that the IM always kicks in whenever I'm in the middle of researching or writing a sentence. The away message just made it easier for me to complete the updates. From now on, if you want to jump in, please do so. Don't ask, just jump in, and I'll be there. Apologies to those of you who I know I've kept waiting in the past... Three conferences after school this week...on Tues, Wed and Thu... I can have my life again on Fri afternoon.... The life of a teacher... Thanks for being with me here @ David Roberson . Com.

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