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Tuesday evening, January 1, 2002..... When I was in my teens and 20's, and for a few years after, I would spend half of my summers at Myrtle Beach. While there, I would listen to local radio, and tape a station or two, namely WKZQ or WAVE 104. I would listen to the tapes into the fall, and remember the summer before. I have always wanted to program a radio station with the music which I would like to hear. I think I've stumbled upon someone who has done just that. For the past few weeks, there has been a low-power FM station in the area, broadcasting intermittently. It may be off the air for a few days, only to return without explanation. If you drive too far to the South, West, East or North, the reception fades. The past week off from school has allowed me to listen more than I ordinarily would. Royal Radio broadcasts in Eastern Forsyth County on 87.9 FM. A single announcer identifies himself as Peter Lindstrom and, every hour and half-hour, reminds me that I'm listening to the voice of Kenilworth. Kenilworth is a subdivision a couple of miles away, off of Old Valley School Road. A ride through Kenilworth proves to increase the volume and clarity of the station, but produces absolutely no antenna or other sign of operation. The station is heavy on pop and Adult Contemporary, especially from the '80's. There are no commercials, no call leters, just continuous music, with the twice- hourly identification. It smacks of piracy. I hope not. I like the station. Hopefully, it's more than just a would-be deejay with time on his/her hands.

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