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Thursday August 31 ......... 7:00 PM ET UPDATE: The New York Post reports today that all 3 major US groups, the WWF, ECW and WCW, have contacted Sue and Kelly from CBS' Survivor about appearing/wrestling....... Eric Bischoff did have a meeting with Brad Siegel in Atlanta yesterday. The buzz had Bischoff buying out the company. He denies the allegations, but does mention the possibility of WCW involved in an upcoming project of his..... Edge appears on ABC's The View tomorrow to promote the new Highlander movie..... Mon night's cage match on Nitro features Goldberg, Cat, Sting and Booker T against Russo, Nash, Jarrett and Scott Steiner...... Jerry Lynn takes on Justin Credible for the ECW title on the Oct 1 ECW ppv show.......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE: Add a US Title match to the WCW Fall Brawl card featuring Lance Storm taking on Gen Rection..... The WWF may bring in Sue Hawk and Kelly Wigglesworth from Survivor to compete @ Summerslam.

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