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Sunday, November 18, 2001.... Random thoughts: Music has always played an important part in my life. I measure the milestones by the songs I hear and learn to appreciate. Earlier today, on an American Top 40 retrospective from Nov, 1986, memories flooded back as I heard Casey Kasem tell the story of the band Boston. "...if you feel the way I do, I don't wanna wait my whole life to say I'm in love with you...." Number One that week was "Amanda."... The Thunderbird rolls right along. In many ways, it drives just as it did when it was new... Congratulations to North Rowan and to South Rowan, both of whom advanced to next round of the NC High School football playoffs with victories this past Fri night... WWF Survivor Series is live in Greensboro tonight. I remember Thanksgiving Night, 1987, the first NWA Starrcade event. There was not a seat to be had in the Greensboro Coliseum. I was on second row, and the noise level was deafening. As of yesterday afternoon, tickets were still available for the show tonight, in all areas, including fifth row Ringside, going for $300 each. I'll watch tonight on satellite.... The Christmas Parade comes up this week in South Rowan on Tues and in Salisbury on Wed... Hopefully, I can make one of them.... I can't let this one pass by. The guestbook, on my site for years, has been removed by nbci, which is no longer in the biz of personal webspace. Fortunately, I copied all of the entries before it disappeared. Unfortunately, I copied it onto videotape, not to disk. A new guestbook has been installed, as of today. I say that because, in looking at my message board, I have an interesting bit of advice from Summer. Although I have an idea, I'm not quite sure who Summer is. Perhaps Summer will sign my new guestbook. Perhaps not....I don't get out enough. Yesterday, I started my shopping, with visits to Hanes Mall and to Best Buy. I need to get out more than I do....In looking at David Roberson . Com, you may notice a few changes over the next few days/ weeks. I'd like to take steps to make it a bit more fluid and interactive.. I don't consider myself to be a negative person, athough in reading Robs Journal sometimes, I wouldn't know otherwise. I am too sensitive. I am oftentimes misunderstood. There are times when I'm not sure who David Roberson is, either. Thanks for being here.

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