Rob's Journal

Monday, October 29, 2001.... The horizon looms far and wide as the waves gently roll. Dawn breaks at Myrtle Beach. And I am there. The crowd, lined up for hours, waves as the NBC cameras pan over them. Another episode of the Today Show begins at 30 Rock in New York City. And I am there. Heather and Morgan eat beakfast, ready for another day at school. And I am there. Laura puts on first one shoe, then the other. In four minutes, she will be on the job at the VA. And I am there. Room 402 at South Rowan High, with ACTS painted in the glass facing, welcomes students for another day of art classes. And I am there. My dad opens the door to his workshop, sits down and continues to pen down the history the Roberson family. And I am there. Norma talks with her first period junior English class, going over a novel or American author. And I am there. My mom makes out the grocery list. And I am there. Karen talks to a middle schooler in her office about hopes and dreams and the future. And I am there. The hustle of a crowded hallway signals a new morning at North Rowan High. Mobile One, overnight dark and quiet, is now well-lighted and warm as the heater kicks in, ready to welcome another day of classes. And I am here.

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