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Sunday afternoon, October 28, 2001... With the Thunderbird still in the shop with the hood up, I have begun to shop around. In looking, I've decided to do a test drive one night this week in a 2002 Dodge Stratus SE. I like the look, the features, and the price. I hope it handles well. We'll see.... The Thunderbird, a 1995 model with too many miles on it, provided it can be restored to run, may be donated to the Kidney Foudation or another charity. With the right mechanical work, it may have a few mores miles in it.... In the spirit of Riverdance, The Spirit of the Dance Christmas Show plays in Myrtle Beach this winter at the Palace Theatre. It's been awhile since I've been to Myrtle. There was a time when I would go two or three times every summer. The Dance show may be a part of my Christmas Break this year... Britney Spears makes her only stop in North Carolina on Dec 14 @ the Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena. I mention that only because I was intrigued with the ad I saw for the show... :) .... I have two nieces, as most of you know. Heather is nine, and, as of yesterday, Morgan is 6.... Time marches on... The Carolina Renaissance Festival continues in Cabarrus County. Several of my former ACTS Theatre students from South Rowan are participating, in costume... Congratulations to my friend Buster, who goes back on the road, this time performing in Wichita, Ks for 4 months, beginning in Dec... Teaching @ North Rowan is going well. With so many meetings, and classes @ Winston-Salem State to register for, I look forward to the weekends these days.... There's nothing better than spending Saturdays with family, and Sunday afternoons with The New York Times.... Thank you for being with me here at David Roberson .Com.

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