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Wednesday August 30 ......... 6:00 PM ET UPDATE: WRAL in Raleigh reports that the WWF sent Mick Foley & The Rock to visit a NC teenager who has undergone 32 brain surgeries........ The Fayetteville Ocserver/Times features an article on the WWF in today's editions....... Tonight on Thunder: Kronic d Team Canada. Awesome d Reno. Animals d Jindrak/O'Haire. Booker T d Mike Sanders. Vito d Palumbo. Rection/AWOL d Harris Brothers. Jarrett d Kwee Wee.......... 4:00 PM ET UPDATE: Live broadcast today @ 12:30 PM ET on C-Span invited Bush & Gore to appear on WWF Smackdown to debat the issues with Gov Jesse Ventura as the moderator....Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: Hardys/Lita d Edge/Christian/Jackie. 'Taker d Benoit. Snow d Saturn TO WIN THE WWF EUROPEAN TITLE. Jericho d Tazz. Kaientai d Dudleys. Venis d Phatu. Angle d Eddie Guererro........ No results from the WCW Thunder tapings last night in Tucson, to air tonight on TBS....Word has it that Scott Hall was spotted in Tucson yesterday......This Sun night on WWF HeAT: Goodfather d Sexay. T & A d APA. Blackman d Gangrel. Crash d Bossman.......The Rock was featured as number 6 on the Access Hollywood Top Ten Celebrities list......Jakks ranks #12 in Fortune Magazine's rankings of the top toy manufacturers. Jakks is the exclusive maker of WWF toys. 12:00 AM ET UPDATE: Triple-deck cage match highlights Wargames 2000 this Mon night on WCW Nitro. Two teams of four men will compete. The match will be billed as "Russo's Revenge."

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