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Sunday afternoon, September 16, 2001....My Gateway laptop arrived on Friday, or rather, the case did. It was delivered to the house. I drove to the Winston-Salem UPS to pick up the PC. The past two days have been spent playing online games, and appreciating the tremendous differences between this and WEB TV. One goal for this week is to set up Instant Messenger on my AOL account. Oh, I have a new e-mail address, You may also use, my primary address.... Trying to find a copy of the New York Times in Winston-Salem this morning was impossible. The mail subscription which I have has proven to be slow, and I'm certain that the Wed copy, with the ATTACKED headline, was stolen in the mail delivery process. This morning, every outlet in town was out by 11, including 80 copies sold in 1 hour at Borders.... With the dust settling in NY and in DC,Americans await the forthcoming official Declaration of War. I'm very skeptical of the cooperative spirits of Pakistan and Iran. This will be reminiscent of the battles which I've only heard about in that it will be a smoke 'em out and attack campaign....Interesting workshop at North Rowan yesterday morning, spnsored by NCAE, the N.C. Education Association. In talking with the local rep, I found some new information about East Forsyth and the former administration there. Extremely interesting. 'Nuff Said. Take care; thank you for being with me here at David Roberson . Com.

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