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Thursday Evening, September 13, 2001..... With the US government closing in on the identities of those responsible for the tragedy two days ago, Islamic revolutionist bin Laden is denying involvement and shouts of "Not me" echo worldwide. The identities of the eighteen hijackers who commandeered the aircraft has been ascertained. Predictably, false bomb threats and increased security have been felt today. The Black Box has been recovered from the crash in Pa. Pres Bush, choking tears, has declared tomorrow a National Day of Prayer. The UK and the USSR took time today to symbolically pay respects to those fallen on Tuesday. The Bush administration has "overwhelming evidence" that bin Laden is responsible, and 83 per cent of Americans back our President in his thoughts of declaring war. With the sports and entertainment world at a halt, a Nationwide Candlelight vigil set for tomorrow and a Declaration of War seemingly on the horizon, we must find a way to live in a more secure nation without sacrificing the freedoms which we have come to recognize.

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