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Tuesday afternoon, September 11, 2001..... Our country was bombed today. I remember lying down at night, several years ago, secure in the thought that ours was not one of those countries featured nightly on the news or attacked on a regular basis, if at all. Visions of Vietnam flashed through my head this morning as I heard that New York and Washington were on fire. As I have had time to reflect on a very long day, I am moreso reminded of Oklahoma City, and for no particular reason other than the way these acts of "terrorism" were pulled off. Only time will tell who is responsible. Again, we may never know. One idea is a certainty: the United States is not impervious to attack, and the actions we choose to take in response could determine our course as a stronger, or weaker, nation. If this is an act of terrorism, those responsible should be brought to swift justice. If this is an act by a person or persons within our own borders, it will be time to set an example which will loudly say to the remainder of the world that we have zero tolerance.

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