Rob's Journal

Thursday Night, August 31............ August is a very cruel month. I'm told that my grandfather, who died at age 39, did so in August. I remember my great-grandmother dying several years ago. In August. For my entire life, August has meant the end of my favorite season of the year. It now means the beginning of a new school year, thus shortening my favorite season of Summer. August in North Carolina means humidity. And heat. And storms. And a virtual inability to find comfort, or to take comfort in, any place or aspect....... From time to time, I have to find David. One of my studens today, during the course of a conversation, happened to ask where I was. More precisely, where Mr. Rob was. Seemed to her that he's been someone else recently. I understood what she was saying; I've been asking myself the same question. So, I asked her. She couldn't tell me. Maybe I've been too preoccupied with trying to figure out my life....again.

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