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Saturday morning, July 28, 2001......... "If you should have an English vacancy this fall, I would appreciate your consideration. I have seventeen years of experience teaching English and Theatre... My resume and application are on file. I look forward to hearing from you." That e-mail letter was sent last Monday morning. Within three hours, among other responses, I had an invitation to interview. I walked into the principal's office on Wednesday morning, and within an hour, was offered a teaching position based solely upon my success at South Rowan. Later that afternoon I telephoned in my acceptance. A e-mail letter from the principal later that day welcomed me to the family. The forms were signed on Thursday night,and the drug testing was done yesterday morning. I'm back in Rowan County, this time at North Rowan High. Teaching English and Theatre. More details will be forthcoming. For now, I can say, it's good to be home.

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