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Sunday night, July 8....... Tonight, while watching WCW Classics on the Turner South Network, I saw an interview, originally broadcast in Feb, 1982. It featured Ric Flair, with the old NWA belt, after winning the title and leaving his home territory of the Carolinas to do it. I remember the first time I heard it, and it made me think as I heard it again. Flair was in the Atlanta studios of WTBS, speaking directly to the fans watching by television, in the Carolinas. " I've worked long and hard for this, and I don't like it when I come back into the Carolinas and hear, 'well, Ric, can we trust you now ?...' You came to know me as Nature Boy Ric Flair. You learned to like that. And I was proud to be able to walk the streets of the Carolinas ... and know that I had the fans and the support...I tried to work hard for you, and I know that you worked hard for me.... I've got ten pounds of gold on my shoulder that I feel I worked hard for and I feel I deserve to wear. But don't think for one minute that all you people there that stood by me to watch me bleed and sweat and pay the price to get to where I am, don't think for one minute that I've forgotten you."....... I may never make it back to South Rowan High School. Only time will tell that. South Rowan means more to me tonight than it ever has. I was always proud to say South Rowan whenever anyone asked me where I taught. The people made me feel like I was accepted and appreciated. I worked hard for South, and it was hard for me to leave. I saw the opportunity which I felt, at the time, was right. Tonight, like the Beatles' song Yesterday, South seems so very far away.

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