Rob's Wrestling Beat...

Saturday September 30............. 4:00 PM ET UPDATE: WWF DIVAS ae headed to Jamaica in Nov to shoot a second video..... CHYNA visits with Jay Leno and is on MAD TV in Oct..... JERRY LAWLER & STACY "THE KAT" CARTER were married yesterday in Las Vegas. On hand to witness the event were Jim Ross & Charles Barkley..... ICP has left WCW, again..... U.K.'s Daily Mirror report that former WCW champion DAVID ARQUETTE & wife Courtney Cox are having problems. Cox, 36, says "he will not grow up. He's either boozing it up or watching wrestling.".....fool.... RIC FLAIR, on Mancow radio in Chicago yesterday morning, : Both he & Hogan have been contacted by the WWF.....GOLDBERG on Comedy Central's Daily Show this past Tuesday: his upcoming book will not please everyone..... 5:00 AM ET UPDATE: RIC FLAIR, on Fox Sports Chicago, plugged the Nov 6 Nitro, including Scott Hall..... ConAgra Foods has joined the support group of the PTC and will pull advertising from the WWF.....WWF No launches this weekend.....ECW Anarchy Rulz airs tomorrow night.

Friday September 29