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Sunday July 1, 2001.......... Throughout the month of June, I worked on getting caught up on newspapers, among other things. Every year, around spring production time, the dailies begin to pile up, and it's summer before they get perused. All too often, I hear that I should just toss them out, and with the USA Todays I usually do. But the copies of The Salisbury Post are scanned rather thoroughly. It takes time, but generally I hit the weddings, the local front and the obits. Last night, as I was going through the month of May, I came across a notice which made me glad I had not tossed them out. Michael Patrick is dead. Michael died in May of cancer. He was 28. Michael was my Cowardly Lion in the ACTS South Rowan production of The Wizard of Oz. He would oftentimes come back to visit, with his trademark grin. He was my pyrotechnician after he graduated, and I could always depend on Michael for support. He was a big boy, with a big heart to match. I remember meeting his grandma and going to his house on more than one occasion. I remember Michael Patrick as a music lover, a friend, and a good guy. He will be missed.

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