Rob's Wrestling Beat...

Friday September 29............ 8:00 PM ET UPDATE: Final rating for WWF Smackdown last night was a 4.7 with a 7.6 share.....CHYNA on STERN this morning: she left home @ age 15, is living with HHH, and despises Nicole Bass.....The ALL STAR CAFE in mid-town Manhattan is closing down. This is news primarily because it is located across the street from WWF NY. In its space will be Planet Hollywood.....RENA MERO, on ET, insists that there is no rivalry between herself and CHYNA.....The AOL-TW merger looks as it will pass the scrutiny of the European Commission.....ECW remains on TNN, for now..... WWF Livewire and Superstars come to TNN this weekend.....GOLDBERG is NOT in the PWI Annual Top 25....Here's the Top 10 of 500, as PWI has them: HHH, Rock, Benoit, Kobashi, Jarrett, Credible, Awesome, Liger, Jericho and Sasaki.....A & E reruns Bret Hart's Wrestling With Shadows tomorrow afternoon.....ROLLING STONE photographer in Raleigh, NC last night @ Southern Ch Wrestling shooting film for an upcoming spread on the Women of Wrestling..... CHYNA on Tampa's Bubba The Love Sponge yesterday morning.....Paperback and audio versions of Foley's Have A Nice Day are now available....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE: The WWF announces a new recording division termed Smackdown Records..... 'Taker out with a pulled groin; Taka out with a shoulder injury..... WWFE, Inc. closed Thursday at 15 and a half, down from 19 just days earlier.

Thursday September 28