Rob's Wrestling Beat...

Thursday September 28........ 6:00 PM ET UPDATE: WCW Thunder rating last night was the lowest in awhile, with a 2.0..... USA Today mentions the 73% ratings slide for the USA Net Mon night, minus WWF Raw..... IWA in Winnepeg last night featured Rhino vs Jerry Lynn in the ME..... WWFE Inc stock tok a 7 point nosedive yesterday. The WWF responded by putting its money where its mouth is, buying $10 mllion of its shares of class A common stock..... Today's Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the WCW Nitro Grill, located inside the Excalibur Casino, will close its doors this Sat..... WCW wrestlers have circulated a petition supporting Vince Russo..... Chyna stops by to visit Howard Stern tomorrow morning..... Rey Jr vs Juvie in a ladder match on WCW Nitro this Mon....... Women of Wrestling @ the Great Western Forum in Inglewood on Sat Oct 7..... Ohio Valley Wrestling Fri Oct 13 @ the Louisville Gardens..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE: THE ROCK has signed a $5.5 million deal to star in The Mummy 3, with Vince Mc Mahon one of the executive producers. Filming begins in March, 2001.....REBECCA BUDIG, the new voice behind WWF Sun HeAT, spent three years on the set of the Guiding Light before going to All My Children..... WWF stars will be in D.C. this Mon to promote the Smackdown Vote campaign.....RENA MERO will be interviewed on Entertainment Tonight regarding CHYNA'S pictorial.....Canadian WWF fans will see RAW on TSN, not TNN.... features Nitro Girl Chae.

Wednesday September 27