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Insert date here......The first time I met them was in July, 1999. I had just accepted a new job and this was to be a meeting of the club officers. They were nice people, who appeared to be very set in the ways they had adopted for the activities for the year to come. It seems that they had learned from a lady two years earlier everything there was to learn in DRAMA. I remember going home and asking myself, what had I gotten involved in. With the passing of the first year, I quickly found that my job was truly a dream. All I had to do was to be willing to let the students hang onto their predisposed traditions and beliefs and keep quiet, even if I knew that some of them were not right ( Did you know that, right before a performance, you are SUPPOSED to yell at the top of your lungs ?? ). After all, they knew everything there was to know; they learned it from Miss C. I told myself that things would be better after the first year, and that I would have my chance. It was a successful first year in that we staged Twelve Angry Men and Fame, and brought the budget from negative $ 3 K to over $ 10 K. The second year, this one, began with the club officers and with the project of painting the dressing room. And leaving paint on the floor. The fall show was Steel Magnolias, and the cast was fun to work with, and more responsive to suggestions. The club president decided that she had other options which she wanted to pursue, so she left. The annual NCTC competition @ Greensboro College earned us an excellent rating, as did the entry the year before. Somewhere along the way, the powers that be made the decision that the program needed a new direction. Unconfirmed to this date is that my position will be assumed by English teachers next year. The spring show, Grease, received practically no publicity, yet was very successful using the talents of the jazz band, theatre, chorus and dance departments. As I reflect back, I feel that, over the past two years, I have accomplished much professionally. Personally, I've been used and I am now ready to walk. East never wanted to get to know the Mr Rob that South knew. And that is East's loss. As I leave, I do so knowing that I have done everything which was asked of me, above and beyond my own expectations.

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