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Thursday Night, June 14, 2001...... The last words on the subject, I promise...... I left because it was easier to drive the 110 miles round-trip daily when I first started, 15 years earlier. The offer was made, and I took it. But not without some thought, and hesitation. It was 8 minutes away from home and the opportunity to work at my alma mater. And the decision which I made proved to make all the difference. I found a system which is rifled with politicism and driven by money. All too eager to use relentlessly, and then to turn its back. Any feelings and respect which I ever had for this system are now gone. Of all of the mistakes which I have made in my life, this is the one I most regret and the one I have learned the most from. In the real world, it is seldom that we ever get a second chance whenever we really need it. In thinking, I definitely would wish for a couple of them. If given the opportunity, I would take more chances in life and in love, and I would work a little harder and take a bit more pride in being in Rowan County; I would make a point to care even more than I did when I was there. I would NOT change anything about my performance at East. I was successful. I worked very hard for people who never cared for me, nor for my efforts.

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