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Thursday, May 31, 2001............. After spending 15 years teaching at South and the last two years teaching at East, I find myself looking forward to a new school, hopefully teaching English, this fall. I feel that I accomplished a few things during the past two years: the theatre program grew to a full-time position, the budget increased from negative $3,000 to over $10,000 in the positive, the lights in the auditorium which had been intermitently going off and on for at least six years were fixed, the sound system was balanced and checked, the entries in the NCTC competition placed excellent, and there were four successful productions, two of them musicals, one involving the dance, chorus and band. I was required to be in the auditorium for every event on the calendar, and, for two years, with the exception of the dance concert last year, I was there, running lights and sound. Every student was treated as an individual. It is said that for every experience in life, there is a lesson to be learned. I have learned that it is best not to do your job too well, nor to take it too seriously. With management looking to take the program a different direction, I have chosen not to return this fall. I appreciate the support from my fellow staff members, many of whom who have taken the time to listen and to talk, from my "parents", and from my students, especially my first and second year folks. At South, I was respected and admired for my creativity. The same could not be said for East.

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