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Thursday, March 29, 2001........ I had a birthday a few days ago. There's no real difference between being 42 and 43. I'm grateful to be alive to see it; I can think of a few people who didn't make it this far..... Grease in a few weeks @ East Forsyth, Thu-Fri-Sat April 19-20-21. Rehearsals are now underway.....Rob's Journal hasn't been updated as often as I have promised. Let me get this school year behind me and, hopefully, that will change.....The family is doing well. My brother Robert, sister-in-law Renee and nieces Heather and Morgan came in for my birthday on the 24th.....Good to hear from some folks @ UNCC, UNCG and Appalachian.....Best wishes to the folks @ South Rowan for a smooth ending to the school year.....The best line I've heard lately comes from Ric Flair, speaking indirectly to Time Warner, as he says, "You don't hold our lives in the palm of your hand," or something like that. It's true, it's true.....As always, thank you for being with me here @ David Roberson .Com.

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