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Sunday August 27........ 8:00 PM ET UPDATE: A reminder that WWF RAW airs tomorrow night @ 11 PM on the East coast. WCW Nitro airs @ its normal time. Due to the fact that I will be getting in late from RAW in Greensboro tomorrow night, the next update could be as late as Tuesday...... A Wrestling Calendar section has now been added. See page one for the link...... 2:00 PM ET UPDATE: "Dreams of Gory" today in The Washington Post looks @ Maryland Championship Wrestling, ringside in Glen Burnie...... ECW is featured again today in the New York Daily News, with the emphasis on the fans @ the Hammerstein Ballroom watching the Tag Team tourney.....Jim Skipper, asst. coach of the NY Giants, has quit the NFL to coach the XFL Memphis franchise...... 8:00 AM ET UPDATE: The 2-day tournament to crown new ECW tag team champions has ended. The FBI's Guido and Mamaluke won the titles last night, defeating Fri night's winners, Mikey Whipwreck and Yoshahiro Tajiri. The ECW received major press coverage, including a front-page mention in Sat's NY Daily News...... TGGOAW is negotiating with New Japan for a few appearances later this year..... The Calgary Flames may sue the XFL over the use of the name Hitmen. It seems the Calgary team owns a minor league team called, uh-huh, the Hitmen..... Here's Tonight's Summerslam Lineup... And The Results

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