Rob's Wrestling Beat...

Saturday September 23........... 9:00 PM ET UPDATE: Several dates added to the calendar section.... 4:00 PM ET UPDATE: Entertainment Tonight features STEVE AUSTIN this Mon.....TERRY FUNK d Lance Storm last night to win the WCW US Title in front of a hometown crowd in Amarillo. Funk and Storm work tonight in Lubock.....MUTA will work out his contracted time with WCW, then return to Japan. ....ECW TAPED FOR TV last night in Salem, NH: Swinger/Diamond d Matthews/York. Dinero d Prodigy. Blue Boy d Nova. Prodigette d Jazz. Mikey d Psicosis. FBI d Doring/Roadkill. Victory/Blacksmith d New Dangerous Alliance. Mahoney d Money/Hamrick. Credible/Rhino/Daniels d Corino/Locke/Lane. (The report I have said that Arn Anderson was in the house, and brawled with Lane.) RVD/Kash d Da Baldies................. 10:00 AM ET UPDATE: TNN has notified ECW that the promotion may remain on TNN until it finds a new home, or until the end of the year. Vince McMahon has notified TNN that the WWF has no objections. Last night, Joey Styles told the viewers to tune in next Fri night on TNN to see the conclusion of the 3-way dance for the ECW Title....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE: MICK FOLEY tapes MAD TV on Oct 20 to air later this fall..... STEVE AUSTIN scheduled for CBS Early Show this Mon between 7 and 8 am. AUSTIN is also booked for HOWARD STERN'S radio program the same day.....TERRI RUNNELS tapes "Freedom" for UPN later this month.....SCOTTY 2 HOTTY and GM SEXAY host the Unforgiven party this Sun night @ WWFNY.....VINCE RUSSO confronted JJ DILLON in the Atlanta offices of WCW after overhearing a conversation where Dillon referred to Russo as an a------.....LEX LUGER jobbed to GOLDBERG Fri night @ the Okla State Fair......RON & DON HARRIS on the JENNY JONES SHOW this Monday.

Friday September 22