Rob's Wrestling Beat...

Friday September 22.......... 10:00 PM ET UPDATE: Tonight on the final ECW on TNN: The show was taped in Mississauga, Ontario.... Rhino/Credible brawl with New Jack. TV champion Kid Kash NC Mikey. Rhino-RVD brawl. Nova d Hamrick. Baldies/ Mahoney brawl. Tag champions The FBI d Doring/Roadkill...... 6:00 PM ET UPDATE: Ric Flair is coming to Chicago on Sept 29-30 to promote Nitro coming on Nov 6. Ric is scheduled for WFLD Fox Morning, WSCR Sports, Q101 Mancow, and B96 Eddie and JoBo Show. He will throw the first pitch at the White Sox game on Sep 29. The next day, he sign autographs at Tower Records in Schauberg from 11 am until 1 pm..... WWF common stock will be NYSE listed as of Oct 25.....WWF Smackdown did a 4.7 last night.... Dallas Morning News reports that ECW is in tlaks with USA about a Mon night show which would compete with WCW and the WWF..... Two cage bouts this Mon night on Nitro. One feaures Booker T taking on Vince Russo..... The 8-man tag title Battle Royal features Kronic, Juvie/Rey, Jr, MIA, 3 Count, The Harris Brothers, Jindak/O'Haire, The Jung Dragons and ICP...... 4:00 AM ET UPDATE: Vince Mc Mahon is ranked @ # 260 on Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans. Vince checks in with $1.1 billion....... No advance on tonight's broadcast of ECW on TNN. The tape, usually delivered on Thurs, will be delivered today. The matches should be from the Canadian debut. ECW on TNN airs for the last time tonight.

Thursday September 21