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Saturday Night, January 27..... Random thoughts: - My dad celebrated his 71st birthday this past week. My love for him and my mom grow with each year....- Went to WCW Nitro this past week and I realized again how much I would enjoy working for a wrestling production team..... - Another workshop @ East next Sat morning.... - WWF in Greensboro next Sat night. I have fourth-row seats. Should be an interesting night. The WWF house shows are a spectacle of light, sound and action.....Auditions for Grease presented us with so much good talent that we are having callbacks this coming week. The show is set for April 19-20-21..... - Good to hear from Kristle, who is now a married lady.....- I got a new pager, actually an updated model of the one I had, a flex wordline. The phone number is the same for those of you who have it. If you don't, and would like to know it, get in touch. I won't type it in here, for obvious reasons.....- There is hardly a night anymore when I don't think about Laura..... - Life seems to be so incredibly complicated these days.... - I remember the beach...and New York City....and wish I was there.....- Thank you for being with me here at David Roberson . Com.

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