Rob's Wrestling Beat...

Thursday September 21.......... 5:00PM ET UPDATE: WCW Thunder did a 2.5.last night, equalling the 4-week average for the program..... The first three ppvs of 2001 for WCW have been set: Jan 14: Indianapolis; Feb 18: Nashville; Mar 18: Toronto.....When WWF HeAT moves to MTV on Oct 1, the program will be live from WWFNY every week.....The FCC is preparing to allow the TW-AOL merger.....TNN has been added to the Northern Manhattan cable system as of this Mon morning....Dutch Mantell's WWC in Puerto Rico is scoring incredibly high ratings for its 2 hour programs on Sats. and Suns. Numbers of 11,12,13,and 15 are not unusual....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE: WCW debuts on Italian TV next week with Worldwide, Thunder and Nitro on Sports Stream......K-Rock in NYC broadcasting live from WWF NY tomorrow night from 6-10 PM ET....... Miss WCW 2000, Howard Stern's Misfits, and the return of Chris and Tammy highlight Nitro this coming Mon.

Wednesday September 20