Rob's Wrestling Beat...

Wednesday September 20............. 7:00 PM ET UPDATE: Tonight on WCW Thunder: Juvie d Rey, Jr. Stevie Ray (in a mask) d Russo. Team Canada brawls with MIA. Kronic d Stevie Ray. Harris Brothers brawl with 3 Count. Dragons/ Leia Meow d Thrillaz. Paisley d Torrie. ME: Jarrett, S Steiner, "Sting" NC...... This weekend on WCW Worldwide: squash wins by Awesome, Douglas and Johnny The Bull..... WWF-IWA set for Sep 30 in Guaynabo, P.R., including Benoit vs Jericho and Savio Vega vs Hurricane Castillo..... TNN is poised to take on USA and TNT with its new name, new look and acquisition of number one rated WWF programming..... On The Mat debuts on In Demand cable on Oct 21..... Mike Rapada, aka The Colorado Kid, won the NWA Title last night in Tampa..... WWF Raw airs on TNN @ 9 pm on Mons beginning on Sept 25. WWF Superstars and WWF Livewire will also air on TNN. WWF HeAT will air on MTV beginning Sun Oct 1........ 2:00 AM ET UPDATE: Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: Val Venis d. 2 Hotty. Blackman d Snow. Lawler/Jericho d Taz/X-Pac. Chyna says YES to Eddie Guererro. APA d RTC. ME: HHH/'Taker/Rock d Angle/Benoit/Kane...... Sun night on WWF HeAT: 2 Hotty d D-Lo. Regal d Just Joe. Albert d Sexay. Malenko d Taka.

Tuesday September 19