Rob's Wrestling Beat ....

Monday September 18..... Tonight on WWF Raw: Right To Censor d The Dudleys. Kane d Chris Benoit. Stephanie/HHH/Angle d Trish/T and A. Phatu d Chyna. Steven William Regal introduced. Edge/Christian d 2 Cool. Mideon @ WWFNY. ME: Non-Title: 'Taker d The Rock........ Tonight on WCW Nitro: Rey Jr/Tygress d NB Thrillaz. Torrie/S Douglas d Kwee Wee/Paisley. Cat d Disco. Smooth gives David Flair a video which supposedly reveals the father of Stacy's baby. WCW Title: Booker T NC Sting. Team Canada d MIA. Jarrett/S Steiner d Kronic. Awesome d Vampiro. Sting/Booker d Jarrett/Steiner. ME from Uniondale, NY next Mon: for the WCW Title: Booker T vs Vince Russo..... 6:30 PM ET UPDATE: Tango in Tampa 2000 set for tomorrow night to crown a new NWA Flo heavyweight champion...... The WWF is now prominently displayed on the TNN website..... Steven Regal doing house shows as a heel for the WWF..... Kim Page has announced that DD Page will return to WCW in a month. No word if she will accompany him..... Road Rage, the TV project of Eric Bischoff, has been picked up for 6 episodes by UPN. It will be used as a mid-season replacement..... Goldberg will take a couple of weeks off after last night's hardway bout with Scott Steiner..... Paul Orndorff's inury last night was legit; he feel back onto his neck after attempting the second piledriver. He flew to Atlanta this morning after spending the night in the hospital in Buffalo. He regained the feeling he temporarily lost...... Jerry Lawler headed back to Memphis' PPW the week of Oct 7..... Chyna visits with Jay Leno on Oct 11...... Mideon tonight live from WWFNY on Raw..... Chyna signs covers @ WWFNY on Sept 28 from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM.

Sunday September 17