Rob's Wrestling Beat...

Sunday September 17............. 11:00 PM ET UPDATE: Complete Results From WCW Fall Brawl Are Up.... WWF KOTR & Summerslam on DVD available in October & November..... Tomorrow night is the last scheduled Raw on the USA Network.... WWF stockholders meeting set for this Fri @ WWFNY..... Confirmed` separated shoulder for Tommy Dreamer From the ECW show in Cleveland....... 12:00 noon ET update: Complete results from WCW Fall Brawl here tonight @ DR.Com beginning around 8:30 PM ET.... Professor Toru Tanaka, 70, a wrestling and film legend, dead of a heart attack last month.... No verdict yet on the WWF-USA court battle. WWF programming set to begin on TNN next week, barring a last-minute ban..... Bossman had knee surgery this past Wed to scope some debris; out around 3 weeks.... Tori and Steve Austin both looking @ Oct return dates to WWF in-ring action..... British Bulldog in a motorcycle accident this past Tues; hospitalized in Calgary with an undisclosed ailment..... Road Dogg out of the WWF for a couple of weeks to be with his wife, who developed pneumatic complications from surgery..... Chyna's Playboy pictorial hits the stands on Sept 25..... Jim Ross and the WWF stars take their turn to co-host with Regis the week of Oct 23. Coinciding with their visit will be the release of the WWF cookbook.... Mick Foley hosts Celebrity Deathmatch/WWF Special on MTV Thu Sep 21 @ 10 PM.

Saturday September 16