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Saturday September 16..........10:00 PM ET UPDATE....A very long, but very good day today @ the Honeybee Festival in Kernersville....the update's here, but a bit late: Complete WCW Fall Brawl results here @ tomorrow night beginning @ around 8:30 PM ET.... Tickets went on sale today in Las Vegas for WCW Halloween Havoc, to be held @ the MGM Grand. Mean Gene & the Nitro Girls were on hand for a Miss Halloween Havoc poolside event. The winner ? ( Rob's fave ) Nitro Girl Chae...... Bischoff, Page and Bagwell on NBC Fri Night last night in a skit...... Joan Lunden will be @ the Sept 26 Thunder, getting film for an upcoming special for A & E...... Vince Mc Mahon allegedly attempted to block the showing of the WCW stars on "The List"...... Raven is set to debut in the WWF within the next few weeks..... Fox News Channel aired a segment on Backyard Wrestling this past Thur...... Some type of surprise is planned for tomorrow night's Fall Brawl match with Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome.

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