Rob's Journal

Saturday November 18........ It seems almost impossible to believe that it's only been a week since Steel Magnolias. Already people want to know what the spring musical will be. Many have heard by now that I'm entertaining the idea of doing Grease. There is an application process through Samuel Fench, the company that holds the license. We have applied to do the show in April, and are awaiting the terms. Samuel French charges on a percentage basis; that is, the larger your facility and the more performances you schedule, the higher your royalty price. Grease could cost us $2000 or more to do. You have to weigh the checks and balances of the situation, projecting what your return would be on your investment. I am confident that we have the talent to do the show, and that it would draw well. Time will tell ,but we may be looking at Grease this spring. Whether auditions will be before Christmas or after has yet to be determined. A numer of events are in the auditorium for the month of December already; the same for the beginning of January.....Thanksgiving already??? As long as the previous week has seemed, time does have a way of slipping by quickly..... Thank you for being here with me @ David

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